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Silver Jubilee Celebrations, 25 Glorious years of Enhancing academic and Developing Human Excellence by Promoting Life Long Learning Skills through GNH Values with Wholesome and Inclusive Education, Mongar Lower Secondary School is soon organizing a prolific Silver Jubilee Celebrations for completing 25 glorious years on 24th April, 2014 As we reach 25 years of academic excellence - one quarter of a century, Mongar Lower Secondary School today is synonymous with 'academic excellence', 'student achievement', 'social entrepreneurship', 'opportunity' and 'discovery' for students, parents, teachers and community. Students who study here are passionate about their subjects, qualifications and are dedicated to expand their knowledge of the world around them. In the sphere of school education, Mongar LSS remains a place that dares to be a little different. It is our academic focus and personal attention to each and every student that makes us distinct.

I wish this website in its true sense will keep us connected to communicate.

Mongar LSS in Top Ten

This school has been selected as one of the top ten schools under Primary PP-III category for the 2012 academic year. This recognition inspires the school to work towards finding a place in the top ten list for two categories, PP-III and IV-VI respectively for 2013 academic.

National Merit Award

Ms. Yeshey Choeki, a teacher in this school was one of the recipients of the prestigious National Order of Merit for Excellence in Teaching awarded on the 17th of December 2012. "It's a great honour to have received this prestigious award from His Majesty the King," said Yeshey Choeki. "I am very grateful to the principal, the DEO(Mongar), and the Education Ministry for having recognized my efforts and dedication. I am also grateful to all my students who have taught me a lot in life and inspired me to work harder. With recognition comes responsibility, and this recognition inspires me to commit myself all the more to the development of our children of all abilities and to serve my country in my own small ways."


Best Student for the month of August, 2013

Tashnim Giri of class v A was selected as the best student for the month of August which was conducted by Dungkar House. She captured the hearts of all the audiences with her speech "what discipline means".
She said," Discipline is the act of love, sometimes you have to be unkind to be kind as not all the medicines are sweet." After having received khaddar, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all who voted for her. She told she will live up to the expectations of the teachers and her fellow mates.

Annual School Rimdro 2013

The main objectives of conducting the annual Rimdro were:
1. To inculcate spiritualism in the students
2. To promote culture and tradition
3. To promote a sense of responsibilities
As usual, the Rimdro was Drolma Yuedog with recitations of Drolma. 40 monks from Kuri Zampa Shedra and 70 monks from Mongar Dratshang performed the Rimdro.

The monks and the students of classes 8 and 7 recited the 21 Drolma which totaled up to 10,000 while classes 6 and 5 recited the shorter version of the 21 Drolma totaling up to 100,000 and the classes 4 and 3 recited the two lines Drolma prayer which totaled up to 10, 00,000 the students of classes 2 to PP prostrated frequently and circumambulated the Drolma mandala. The parents and civil servants in the area attended the rimdro on all three days.

Hazelnut Plantation in School

On 17th August, 2013, Dasho Kadola and Mr. Pema Norbu, the officials from Hazelnut Company made their presence to our school and presented on the prospective of planting hazelnut and its benefits.
They also demonstrated on the pit digging, premix and dolomite ratio and its effect. The students and the teachers vigorously got into the activity and could plant more than two hundred fifty saplings in the school campus. .

Best Student for the month of July, 2013

It is so much important to recognize and appreciate the potential of our young aspiring youths. Kuenga Tshering, from class VIII C was acknowledged as the best student for the month of July.
He won 22 out of 47 votes. He said he felt honored for having selected as the best student. He promised to be a role model and a guide to all the students.

Sport meets for Mongar Cluster

The cluster level sports meet was held on 3rd and 4th August at Mongar LSS and Kidheykhar M.S.S. Three schools, Mongar LSS, Chali and Kidheykhar M.S.S. participated in both outdoor and indoor games. The players competed in various disciplines like football, Table Tennis, Badminton, chess, volleyball and Basket ball.
The winners in different disciplines will compete with other clusters at Gyelposing H.S.S which is scheduled on 17th of August.
Through such activities children develop sense of competition and team spirit. They get to socialize and learn new skills as well. .

Best Student for the month of June, 2013

Students of today are the leaders of tomorrow and the quality of the student clearly determines the student's bright future and carrier path. Sonam Tenzin of class VI B was selected as the best student for the month of June after having won the maximum votes.
His campaign speech was all about how successful people do small things in great ways.
"My dear friends, if you all want to become successful person in your life accept failure. If you fail don't give up, rather take it as an experience and better your performance next time" .
Having been selected he said, "I am very much happy and I thank everyone for having faith and trust on me. I will live up to your expectation and be an example to my fellow mates".


A Gift from Bhutan Foundation

The donor, Bhutan Foundation, has gifted a pair of knee cap for Sangay Rinchen, a student in class 6B. Due to a congenital problem, Sangay has been walking on his knees ever since his birth. The Special Educational Needs unit in the school had requested for an assistive device to help him walk more freely and safely in his environment. Sangay can now, go to the toilet or walk and play in the rough ground with his new knee protection. Sangay Rinchen and the school are very grateful for generous action.

Specialists from the US

Three specialists, Ms Celia Reed, Ms Quyen Quach, and Ms Donna Spak are in the school for a period of three weeks starting from 18th July till 9th August. They have come here through the Bhutan Foundation who sponsors expertise and materials for Special Educational needs program in the country. This year, they are going to train the SENCos and SEN teachers on screening and remediation. They will be observing lessons of the teachers and model lessons for them.
Mr Karma Norbu, a program officer from the Special Education Unit, MoE, is accompanying the specialists.

School Based In-service Program

A 2-hour SBIP was carried out on 20th and 25th of July in the school. The three specialists from the US conducted the SBIP on 'Universal Design for Learning' and 'Classroom Managemen' respectively. All the teachers from the school and five teachers from the Mongar Higher Secondary School attended the workshop. These two sessions gave the teachers a lot of ideas and strategies for teaching students with different learning styles and abilities and how to manage a classroom with diverse needs and personalities.

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