From the Principal's desk

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mongar Lower Secondary School’s website. This website is launched on 2nd May 2012 as a part of “Sherig Century”, 100 years of modern education, celebration in our country. This electronic page of the school aims to communicate with the wider community. It also wants students, parents and community to see deeper into the functioning of the school by becoming the member of the wider network.

I wish this website in its true sense will keep us connected to communicate.

Mongar LSS in Top Ten

This school has been selected as one of the top ten schools under Primary PP-III category for the 2012 academic year. This recognition inspires the school to work towards finding a place in the top ten list for two categories, PP-III and IV-VI respectively for 2013 academic.

National Merit Award 2012

Ms. Yeshey Choeki, a teacher in this school was one of the recipients of the prestigious National Order of Merit for Excellence in Teaching awarded on the 17th of December 2012. "It's a great honour to have received this prestigious award from His Majesty the King,"said Yeshey Choeki.
"I am very grateful to the principal, the DEO(Mongar), and the Education Ministry for having recognized my efforts and dedication.
I am also grateful to all my students who have taught me a lot in life and inspired me to work harder. With recognition comes responsibility, and this recognition inspires me to commit myself all the more to the development of our children of all abilities and to serve my country in my own small ways."

Nursery Cultural Competition

The annual nursery cultural competition was held on 8th of November. This program used to be entirely nursery rhyme competition for classes Pre-Primary to three until 2012. However, in order to provide exposure, experience, and enhance their communication skills, this year the item included English skit as well.
Out of the two categories, Upper category for classes 2 & 3, classes 2B took the first prize with class 3A as the 2nd and class 2C as the third. In the Lower category for classes PP & 1, classes PPA and 1B took the first prize while class 1c was the 2nd followed by class PPB as the third. The rest of the classes were also given consolation and participation prizes.

Visit of the National Assembly Speaker and MP

The national speaker, His Excellency Tshokpoen Jigme Zangpo and Kengkhar Werringla MP, Dasho Rinzin Jamtsho visited the school on 6th November.

The students of classes 7 and 8 together with all the teachers attended the meeting, who were briefed on the planning and policy of the new government.

His Excellency and the Dasho gifted the school with Nu 5000/- and informed the school that they would present some books for the library.

Best Student for the month of October, 2013

Pema Wangdi from 8 C was elected as the best student for the month after securing the highest vote. He gave a wonderful speech on the topic "How we as the student and role model should work together for the better development of the country". He was really glad and further inspired to work for the good of the school.

Ex-country training/studies for teachers in 2013

MA in TESOL and Foreign Language Teaching
University of Canberra

Study tour on Enhancing of Education opportunity for Special Education Needs
New York City

Awardee at National Level in Art Competition 2013

Pawan Gurung of class PP A is awarded the consolation prize and the certificate in nation wide Art Competition in category A (PP & I).The theme for the Art competition was "Friendship" and it was organized by the Department of Curriculum Research and Development, MoE, Paro in collaboration and support from JICA. Mongar LSS family congratulates him for his accomplishment.. .

The second round of mass cleaning campaign for the year 2013

The second round of mass cleaning campaign for the year 2013 was carried out on 28th September (Saturday) after the third period. The area for the campaign was divided into eight different areas for the eight houses from class IV to VIII.The students in their respective area was monitored by the individual house master and the mistress. The students had an enthusiastic and keen participation in the cleaning campaign.
The day's activity was ended at 12:20 p.m.The refreshment for the cleaning campaign was sponsored by Dzongkhag Administration. .

Best Student for the month of September, 2013

Rinzin Wangchuk from 8 C was elected as the best student for the month. His topic " Real success" gained the audience's attention by highlighting the main point "Every successful person has a painful story and every painful story has a successful ending. Therefore, please accept the pain and get ready for the success".
He stated that being a school captain, he worked hard to be a good role model for his friends and to the younger brothers and sisters. And after winning the title, he said he will always practice the good action and encourage others to do the same. He promised to work hard and help all those in need. .

"Science Exhibition"30th September 2013"

Annual Science exhibition was conducted on 26th September 2013 after 8th period in the school auditorium on the theme "Learning by doing." The programme was organized by the science club coordinators and club members.

The main objectives of having such kind of activity is to:-
- Provide a platform to showcase the students' creativity.
- Empower students with scientific knowledge and skills.
- Develop scientific attitudes towards learning of science.
- Enhance their appreciation of science in out day to day life.
- Promote cooperation and team work.

In the exhibition more than 90 ninety models were displayed by the students from classes IV - VIII. Students classes II - VIII took part in the exhibition.

Teachers and students from Redaza Primary School and Mongar Higher Secondary School were invited to witness the program.

Reading Week 2013

Mongar LSS observed a week long Reading Week with the theme, "Read to Broaden Your Mind." Fun and exciting reading activities were organized by the school Literary Committee. Mr.Jigme Loday, the teacher and the literary Coordinator of Mongar Higher Secondary School was invited as guest speaker on the opening day to highlight the importance of reading. .

During the week, a model reading and the book review was organized from PP-8th level in morning assembly, and observed "Drop everything and Read" in every 3rd and 5th period for the duration of 5 minutes throughout the week. The students read books ranging from fictions, non-fiction, and newspaper to fairy tales during these periods.

To make the reading week more interesting and memorable, all the teachers and the students from classes 7 & 8 participated in reading Bum for the duration of one hour on Thursday.

The reading week came to an end with Poetry Enactment competition among classes 7& 8 students and it was one of the successful endeavors of the year.

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