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Welcome back to the 2015 school year at Mongar Lower Secondary School. We are excited for another great year with our hard working students and staff who are very dedicated to the success of all children. I look forward to meeting new families as well as welcoming back those who are already a part of the wonderful MLSS community.

Our vision is to enhance academic and develop human excellence by promoting lifelong learning skills through GNH values with inclusive and wholesome education reaches their highest, individual level of academic achievement as determined by the school and national standards.

At MLSS, we recognize the importance of educating as a team. We value the caring, ongoing collaborative relationship that exists between MLSS and the community. Have a great academic year ahead. Best wishes to all.

National Award 2012

Ms. Yeshey Choeki, a teacher in this school was one of the recipients of the prestigious National Order of Merit for Excellence in Teaching awarded on the 17th of December 2012. "It's a great honour to have received this prestigious award from His Majesty the King," said Yeshey Choeki. "I am very grateful to the principal, the DEO(Mongar), and the Education Ministry for having recognized my efforts and dedication.

National Award 2014

Ms Karma Lhamo, a most senior teacher of this school was the second teacher recipients of the Merit for Excellence in Teaching awarded on the 17th of December 2014.

National Reading Year: Towards becoming Lifelong Readers

Hand Washing Week Report coinciding with the Royal Wedding Anniversary(12

Hand washing day started off on 12th October 2015 in the general assembly of MLSS. The day was celebrated by delivering speeches on the ‘Importance of Handwashing’ by master Karma Tenzin a student who spoke in Dzongkha and Mrs. Sangay Dema a teacher who spoke in English. They emphasized on hand hygiene and when to wash the hands. The teacher focused on the proper handwashing. The proper handwashing procedures shared were: washing hands by using running tap water or warm water, soap, washing hands following seven appropriate handwashing techniques and finally drying hands in the clean and dry towel. Madam gave her final note of speech by introducing theme song: wash wash wash your hands, wash the nasty germs away, if you don’t! You might get sick and that will spoil the day! She reminded the students to sing the song and enjoy washing hands every time and anywhere.

On the second day the guest speaker Mr. Phuntsho Wangdi, nursing superintendent from Mongar Regional hospital elaborated on the hand hygiene practiced in the hospital and to maintain basic health hygiene in the school. He repeatedly emphasized to use running tap water and not to easily wash hands on collected bowl or jug. He even briefly demonstrated on the steps of proper handwashing techniques. He played vital role in convincing the audience to maintain hand hygiene. Coinciding with a week long program on hand washing the school celebrated the 4th anniversary of Royal Wedding ceremony. The day started with the offering of the water and the butter lamp in front of the portrait. Lopen Wangdi Dorji spoke on the importance of the day. Then,the teachers and the students recited Zhabten of 5th king for their Majesty's long live. The principal then initiated the standing ovation remaining silent for a minute to pay our heart felt tribute to His Majesty and Her Majesty for their happy and prosperous live ahead. The day became one of the historical events in the history of Mongar LSS family. Long Live your Majesties! Belated Happy Wedding Day to all the viewers.

The fourth day was observed by practicing mass participation on the handwashing. The respective class teachers arranged 10 jerry cans, the health coordinators provided each class Dettol soap and each child has brought a clean towel to wipe hands. Before the 1st period, the students were lined on the allotted area to wash their hands properly following practically all the seven techniques. All the children and students made the handwashing fun by singing the theme song.

On Friday as it was GNH period, the class teacher had to give a talk or show video-clips or narrate a story or teach or do anything relevant to the theme ‘Handwashing Day.’ The teachers were given opportunity to explore and display their talents and creativity to motivate the children on the importance of proper handwashing. And to mark the day, there was an art competition amongst the children on the theme “Raise your hands for hygiene.” The winners from all the three categories were awarded cash prizes from first to third.

Finally the handwashing day was concluded by reporting on the whole week’s activities by one of the students (Miss Drimi Lhamo of class 7 B). She conveyed the simple message, “Handwashing is the simplest, easiest, cheapest and the best way to keep oneself away from the diseases.”

Hand Washing Week Begins (12/10/2015)

Hand washing is an effective way to prevent the spread of diseases. This is especially important and should be done year round. Good hand washing technique is easy to learn and can significantly reduce the spread of infectious diseases among both children and adults. The week began with the morning assembly speeches on its importance by Ms. Sangay Dema(Teacher) and one from the students. Its being coordinated by the School health committee. Anticipate a full report at the end of the week with pictures. HAPPY HANDWASHING WEEK.

Reading Week Report

From the 7th to the 12th of September, 2015 Mongar Lower Secondary School celebrated Reading Week with the theme “Read to Open Doors”. The week’s events were planned by the literary committee. The school gathered on Monday to receive our guest reader, Madam Ojjen, who graciously lent her oratory skills by reading the story “The Paper Bag Princess” followed by two student speakers who also displayed their reading ability. This routine of model readers continued throughout the week, each day featuring a different teacher and two students in morning assembly.

During the week the school also held DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read) every day during zero period as well as inviting students from every class to read during interval and lunch time. Students were further asked to bring a book with them at all times throughout the day.

Classes 2 to 6 created posters promoting reading which were displayed in the MP Hall on Monday during interval. On Friday a special storytelling competition in Dzongkha was held in the MPH featuring classes PP to 1. On Saturday MLSS held another literary event, a poem recitation in English between classes 7 and 8. The entire school participated in the Book Cover contest in which every class transformed their classroom doors into book covers or murals promoting reading. This beautification was well received and winners were selected among 3 groups, classes PP-3, 4-6, and 7-8.

Reading week was a great success, including every student, teacher, and class over the 6-day celebration further enhancing this year’s theme “Building Lifelong Readers”.

Zhiwai Lamten Choeshey Leyrim, 14th August 2015

The school invited the team from Jangsa Animal Saving Trust led by their founder Lam Kuenzang Dorjee to deliver their Zhiwai Lamten Choeshey in the afternoon of 14th August. The Jangsa team was on national tour taking their ‘The Path of Peace’ across the country and happened to be in Mongar on the 13th.

The cheoshey which was mainly on vegetarianism also had the GNH values. The Lam spoke on the characteristics of a good peace loving country, king, citizens, and inculcating love and compassion for all sentient beings. A short theatrical play on greed leading to slaughter which in turn led to the death of love and compassion was staged. The scientific findings presentation explained clearly on the environmental, economical, and health hazards of eating meat. A short video clip right from the animal slaughter houses was selectively screened. The choeshey ended with some teachers, students, and parents committing themselves to reducing meat in their meal or becoming a vegetarian.

The teachers and students both found the ‘choeshey leyrim’ very enriching as they could witness modern theatre, technology, scientific research, and religion rolled into one to deliver the message of love and compassion in a very entertaining and effective communication.

Annual School Rimdro, 13th August 2015

The annual school rimdro was conducted on the 13th of August. ‘Sherngying Duedhog’ was performed by the monks from the dzonkhag rabdey and was graced by the Lam Neten. The students of classes 7 and 8 read the ‘Bhum’ scriptures while the students of classes 6, 5, and 4 chanted the single line Sherub Nyginpo. The students of lower primary classes chanted the ‘Baza Guru.’

As usual, the students were taken around for circumambulate, prostrate, and feel the spiritual peace and values at the rimdro. The parents came in to offer their respect and devotion too.

School/Dzongkhag Based Summer Professional Development Program, 4th to 8th August 2015

From, a School/Dzongkhag based summer professional development on the theme “Making Learning Accessible to All Children” was carried out in the school. Teachers from seven schools namely, Chaskar Central School, Kidheykhar MSS, Mongar HSS, Ridaza PS, Sherub Reldri HSS, Gyelpozhing HSS, and Mongar LSS participated in this program. The main goals of the program were:

• Bring about awareness on different abilities of children.

• Be aware and follow the process involved in identifying and providing support to students with difficulties.

• Make learning accessible to all children through different accommodations and remediation.

• Believe that All Children CAN Learn

With the initiative of the principal, the school based summer program started on the 4th of August and ended on the 8th of August. To avoid disruption to daily classes, the sessions started only after the class hours and went on till 5 O’Clock in the evening. The teachers from the other six schools attended the program for three days from 5th to 7th August, where there were sessions from 9 O’Clock in the morning on special education, its process and interventions,inclusive education, differentiated instructions, multiple intelligence, classroom observations, lesson demonstrations, effective feedback, and best practices.

The teachers from the visiting schools shared that the program has helped them to be more aware of the students’ difficulties and the kind of support services they could provide. The teachers of our school said the program helped them make better differentiated instruction plans and deliver them effectively.

The Dzongkhag Education office funded the program.

School celebrated the scouts’ investiture ceremony

On Saturday June 13th, 2015 Mongar Lower Secondary School celebrated the scouts’ investiture ceremony via a special program held after 3rd period. Meeting on the assembly grounds, the new members of the Bhutan Scouts Association stood proud, surrounded by their peers. The program began with the singing of the scout anthem and the raising of Bhutan’s national flag, followed by a warm welcome speech by Madam Choney Wangmo, one of the scout leaders at MLSS. The special guest, the Chief D.E.O., congratulated the scouts on their efforts thus far, stressing that this special experience will make them more capable citizens in society.

He also took time to acknowledge a great achievement of MLSS: earning an international level certificate by UNESCO for distinguished academic performance and teacher effectiveness. Following the honorable DEO’s speech, the investiture ceremony commenced whereupon troop after troop of new scouts made a concerted, oral commitment to the scout cause and organization, in return earning a scarf and special badge. Afterward the troops performed various dances, even including the teachers at one point, ending in a thank you speech by the scout leader. The program was truly a special occasion for our revered scouts and the school.

SEN EXCHANGE PROGRAM (May 4, 2015- May 6, 2015)

Mr. Karma Wangdi, Vice Principal of Mongar LSS briefly welcomed the SEN Program Officer from the MOE and the participants from Gaylephug LSS followed by the introduction of the participants. We are anticipating participants from Draktsho this evening as well.

Ms. Yeshey Choeki brought in the overview of the three days program adding in the notes of SEN experiences. The Vice Principal shared in the formation of the SEN team and the various good practices of SEN unit that has brought in tremendous changes in the expectations of the students having learning disabilities.

The SENCO, highLighted the SEN referral process and the various screening tools that brought us to the morning tea break.

Religious Discourse Conducted by Khenpo Jangsem Tashi

"Unlike the so-called revealed religions, which rest upon faith in unverifiable doctrines, the Buddha formulated his teaching in a way that directly addresses the critical problem at the heart of human existence — the problem of suffering — and Buddha promises that those who follow his teaching to its end will realize here and now the highest happiness and peace." Khenpo said. All other concerns apart from this, such as theological dogmas, metaphysical subtleties, rituals and rules of worship, the Buddha waves aside as irrelevant to the task at hand, the unraveling of the problem of suffering.

The discourse lasted for more than two and half hours making our students and teachers realize the importance of the preaching of dharma and not to involve ourselves in the wordly affairs.

Captains for 2015


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