Mongar Lower Secondary School, Mongar, Bhutan


Contribution From Special Education Experts from USA - 28th July

Ms Julia Ritt-Touseley, who had worked in the school as BCF (Bhutan Canada Foundation)Volunteer in 2011 has contributed materials (stationary, picture books, and teaching-learning materials) for the SEN Program. She also donated a sum of US$ 110 for buying of required stationary for the program.

Ms Celia Reed, a Special Education Expert from Bhutan Advisory Committee has contributed a sum of Nu 5000/- for materials in the SEN Program. She has also bought teaching-learning materials from the US for the Program.


Message from Ms Celia, Special Education Expert from USA - 28th July

Annual School Rimdro - 27th July

The annual school Rimdro was conducted on the 27th of July. His Holiness, the Khoma Rimpoche led the Rimdro along with Venerable Lam Neten from Mongar Rabdey and Venerable Khenpo from Kilikhar Shedra. A total of 130 monks from Mongar rabdey and Kilikhar shedra were also engaged. The rimdro was a one day “Drolma Yuedhog.” The students from classes 3 through 8 were also involved in reciting the Drolma prayers taking the count of recitation to more than 100,000.
The rimdro was blessed with the 'Drolma Nangten’ from Mongar Dzong, from which the school community and the parents who came to pay their respect could take the blessings.

Workshop on Special Educational Needs – 16th to 18th July

Summer workshop on Special Educational Needs held in Mongar LSS from 16th to 18th July. Attended by the teachers in the SEN Team in Mongar LSS, the principal and the SENCO from Khaling HSS and Khaling LSS, the Principal from Mongar HSS, officials from the Dzongkhag and MoE (24 participants) Conducted by three experts from the Bhutan Advisory Committee in the US.
Organized collaboratively by the Bhutan Foundation and Ministry of Education.
The workshop was organized as an “Embedded Professional Development.” There was a three-day seminar on the process of “SEN referral, screening, accommodations, and strategies.”, This was followed by one of the experts working with the teachers in Mongar LSS on lesson observations, modeling and demonstration lessons, professional development sessions on much needed teaching-learning strategies, discussions and coaching on various SEN programs. This coaching started from 19th July and will go on till 27th July.
The teachers found this workshop to be very practical and valuable as the experts and the participants both could look at the requirement at field/grass-root level and in context of the school environment and culture. The concepts and the strategies were clearly clarified and understood that can be made to their optimum use to help all students learn better.

Counseling Sessions – 28th June 2012

Peer Helper Team organized about 2 hours counseling session for the students of Classes IV-VIII on the eve of Mid-Term break. Guest speaker from the DIC, Mongar and some teachers of MLSS facilitated the sessions on Substances abuse, unhealthy relationship, teenage pregnancy, and fruitful way of spending summer break for the students. The program was organized basically for guiding students in utilizing the summer break in a productive manner so as to prevent unexpected consequences. Students expressed the program to be very educative and useful.

Counseling Session for the Students who attend Pull-Out classes - 19th June 2012

The Special Education Team organized Counseling Session for the students who attend Pull-Out classes on 19th June 2012. 44 students from classes 4 – 8 attended the session.
The following points were discussed during this session:
  1. Their feelings when coming to pull-out classes.
  2. The students shared how they felt when coming to pull-out classes. They seem to fear for being pulled-out, worried on missing classes, embarrassed and missed homework instructions and couldn’t complete it.
  3. Difficulties they faced in the classroom
  4. They cannot perform at the same level as their friends, friends teasing and making fun of their difficulties’ having to sit for the same exam and when there are some teachers teaching very fast, they find it all the more difficult to understand.
  5. Examination accommodations
  6. The students were informed and reminded of the following accommodations made in the examination. The accommodations are separate examination room, extra time of 30 minutes, reading instruction and question by the invigilator and asking for explanations of the questions from the invigilators.
  7. Video Clips
  8. The students were shown some video clippings of two different people who were physically disabled but still has very positive outlook on life. A slide show on famous people with some disability was also shown. These clips and slides were to give the students confidence and to inspire them.
  9. Their Expectations from the SEN program
  10. Their expectations from the SEN program and the school were to make them a better reader, teach the difficult words prior to reading a text, teachers to slow down their teaching, allow and encourage them to express their answers and help them improve their spellings.
    The Principal reinforced on the idea of pull-out class as a means to help them with their difficulties and strengthen the skills and abilities that they would be good at. The students were also informed and assured of the concern and support from the teachers, administration and the school.

‘Best Student of the Month’ of June – 18th June 2012

The selection for the best student of the month was scheduled on 18th June. One student each from each class from 4 to 8 is nominated as per the set criteria. Then with a brief campaign by each of them are voted by all the teachers and the School and House captains. Yeshi Dema of class 8B was elected the ‘Best student of the month’ of June. She thanked and expressed her happiness for being voted. Congratulations, Yeshi Dema!!!

‘Science Quiz’ – 18th June 2012

The science teachers of class 7, Ms Mani Bomzan & Ms Ngawang choden organized ‘Science Quiz Competition’ for class 7 students in commemoration to Sherig Century“ with the objectives – Science is fun and hence to develop scientific attitude in students and appreciate the learning of science. It consisted of varied rounds targeting mass participation. Class 7B was declared the winner with the title “Science Champ”. Students expressed it as very enjoyable, educating and exciting.
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