Inter-House Cultural Competition

As a part of the extra co-curricular activity in the school, the annual "Inter-House Cultural Competition" among the 8 houses was conducted in two groups of four houses on 3.10.2012 and 6.10.2012 respectively. The items for the competition were a Zhungdra, a Boedra, a Rigsar, and five special items which could be a skit/play or any dance/song from any culture around the world.
The main objective of this activity was to promote culture and tradition and to instill cultural values in the students as well as develop and enhance team spirit and a sense of fair competition.
There were three judges of which two were from a neighbouring school and the dzongkhag office.

Best Student for the month of September

Tshering Dekar of CLass VIIIB

Let me quote,the great and glorious masterpiece of men is to live to the point. The wisdom of life is so succinctly expressed. And yet most of us live our lives like one long air raid drill, filling air, days with activities that seem important in the moment but that count for little in the overall scheme of our lives. And getting the title of best student of the September Month, I would take that as one of the scheme in my life. So for this, I would like to thank teachers and Captains for having faith in me and I promise that I will live up to the expectations of you All!,


Intra Dzongkhag Taekwondo Tournament

Intra Dzongkhag Taekwondo Tournament was held on 28th Sept at Gyelposhing Higher Secondary School among the 6 schools of Mongar Dzongkhag. The participating schools were Mongar LSS, Mongar HSS, Kurichu LSS, Lingmithang LSS, Chaskhar LSS and Gyelposhing HSS.
The overall Senior Championship title was won by Mongar HSS and the Gyelposhing HSS was the runner up. The Junior Championship title was won by Mongar LSS and Chaskhar LSS was the runner up. Mongar LSS won 7 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 13 bronze medals in total.
The school is proud of them and congratulates all the participants, in particular the medal winners.

6th Students Conference – 17th Sept 2012

The 6th Students Conference was held on 17/9/12, coordinated by Pema House. Students 
from class vii and viii along with Pema House Incharges, Chairperson Lop.Tashila, 
Committee members of student conference and other teachers attended the conference. 
Students came up with some issues which were discussed and solved.

Best Student for the month of August

Karma Loday of class IVA
I was surprised and excited to have won the Best Student of the August Month, as I have never expected at all. So all the credits goes to my teachers, friends and my family who had been supportive all through my way. As I promised that I will do my best, I will be the best always and hope to get the same support from all in the future.

Best Student for the month of July

Yangchen Dolkar of class 8B

Reading Week - 10th-15th September 2012

The school observed a week long Reading Week with the theme, “Read to Travel a World.” It was organized by the school Literary Committee. A fun and instructive week of reading activities were presented during the week. All teachers and the supporting staff helped prepare and present a wide variety of activities to observe the reading week. The students from various grades participated in poster competition on the same theme.
Mr.Sonam Lhendrup, the principal of Sherub Reldri Higher Secondary School was invited as guest speaker on the opening day to highlight the importance of reading in our lives.
During the week, a model reading was organized in which teachers, volunteer parents and students enthusiastically participated in it. The model readers read exciting articles so as to encourage and motivate students to read more. Exciting Book Reviews were also presented by the selected students from PP-8th level during morning assembly.
On Monday and Tuesday a zero period of one and half hour was added for silent reading in Dzongkha and English. All the students read various books ranging from fictions, newspaper to fairy tales during the reading class. The class looked lively with the reading corner filled with different articles, posters and slogans related to the theme.
The MP hall was also decorated with reading posters and banners with the reading theme.
To make the reading week more interesting and memorable, special reading competitions for all grades was also organized throughout the week after 8th period. PP and Ist level students had a reading competition in English. 2nd and 3rd level students held a story telling competition in Dzongkha. 4th through 6th level students had a spelling competition in English. The week of competition was completed by 7th and 8th level students participating in a quiz competition in Dzongkha. The winners of the competition were awarded the prizes and certificate of participation.
The reading week came to an end on 15th September and MLSS family proudly rates the week as one of the successful endeavors taken during the academic year.
Mr Kinley Dorji, Principal Participants Poster Poster Quiz Winner Winners

Lower Primary Inter-Class Nursery Rhyme competition - 1st Sept

The annual Lower Primary Inter-Class Nursery Rhyme competition was conducted in the afternoon on Saturday, the 1st of September.
Nursery rhyme is a part of classroom teaching-learning in the lower primary classes. The competition is carried out not only to encourage and enhance the use of nursery rhyme as a teaching-learning method but also as an opportunity for musical and cultural activity for the lower primary classes.
There were eleven sections of lower primary classes and this year the nursery rhyme was in English. In order to provide equality and justice, the competition was judged in two categories. Category A included two sections of classes PP and three sections of class 1, while category B had three sections of class 2 and three sections of class 3. In category A, the winner was class 1B; the 1st runners up, class PPB and the 2nd runners up, class 1A. In category B, the winners were class 3A & 3B; the 1st runners up, class 2A and the 2nd runners up, class 2B.

A Parenting Session for the parents of children who are in Special Needs Education Program was conducted on Saturday, the 1st of September.

The objectives of the program were:-
1. to make the parents more aware of different kinds of common learning disabilities 2. to make the parents aware of SEN programs at school 3. to help parents look for ways to support and guide their children at home 4. to enable a continuity and consistency of support provided at school and at home The parenting was facilitated by the SEN team members in the school Resource Center. When the school asked for, five parents volunteered for the Parent Involvement programs in the school. The parents felt the session was an eye opener and very enriching one for them.

Mass Cleaning Campaign- 18th August

cleaning cleaning cleaning

The School organized a Mass Cleaning Campaign of the town on 18th August. After the second period of classes, the eight different houses cleaned up the assigned municipal area starting from Changshingpek to the main entrance gate above the BOD.
This cleaning campaign was followed by Inter-house Banner competition on the theme Keep Mongar Clean. Personnel from the Dzongkhag Environment and Municipal offices were present. Dhug House was the winner, Sernya House the 1st runner up and Drami House the 2nd runner up.
All the houses had done their banners very creatively and were presented extremely well. The prizes for the winners were sponsored by the Municipal office while juice was sponsored by the Environment office and the sweets by Kinga Rinchen Shop. The banners are displayed in the multipurpose hall of the school.

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