Election of Captains for 2013

The election for the School Captain was conducted on 18th February. After the nomination of a girl and a boy from classes 7 & 8 by each house, and the campaign speech by the 10 candidates screened by the Captain Committee, all the students in their respective houses cast their vote for the school captain through EVM. Rinzin Wangchuk with 274 out 457 votes was elected as the School Captain and Chimi Wangmo with 180 out of 457 votes was the Vice Captain.

The election for House Captains was carried out on the 19th February. After each house nominated 3 girls and 3 boys from classes 7 & 8, and the campaign speech by these candidates in their house, each member of the house voted through EVM. The boys and the girls candidate who got the highest votes were declared as the house boys captain and girls captain respectively..

These Captains were officially declared with a khaddar ceremony in the morning assembly which was offered by the out-going JOCV PE Instructor, Mr Akihiro Nita, on 25th February. The Principal then reiterated on their new responsibilities.

School re-opened

Mongar Lower Secondary School re-opened for 2013 academic session on 13th February with the Principal and all the teachers reporting at 9.00 am. The 1st day started off with a staff meeting where old ideas were re-viewed and new ideas and new aspirations shared.

Observance of International Day for Persons living with Disabilities, 3rd December, 2012

The school observed the International Day for Persons living with Disabilities on the 3rd of December. The occasion was graced by the Dasho Drangpon as the Chief Guest and was attended by the parents and personnel from the community and neighbouring school, teachers and students.
As the main objective of observing this day was to create awareness and promote better understanding of disability issues focused on the rights of people with disabilities, the following activities, based on this year’s theme “Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all” were carried out to mark the day:
  1. On-spot Painting and Drawing competitions in four categories for students of classes PP-1, 2-3, 4-5, 7-8 who take Special Education services.
  2. Banners and posters displayed in the town and in the school.
  3. Awareness presentation on Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by the students.
  4. Mini sports for the students who take Special Education services.
Two students who take SE services welcomed and thanked the guests for their attendance respectively. The purpose of the day was highlighted by the SENCo. The chief guest, Dasho Drangpon, after speaking about the day, also explained on the few articles relevant to persons with disabilities and our children from the Penal code of Bhutan.
The day ended successfully with the awarding of prizes and a suja desi refreshment for all the guests, parents, and the students.

Contribution for the Reconstruction of Wangdiphodrang Dzong

The school made its small contribution for the reconstruction of Wangdiphodrang Dzong on 13th November 2012. The followings were the amount of contribution:
1. From the students : Nu 40,886.00
2. From the Staff : Nu 34,769.00
3. From the school account : Nu 10,000.00
A total of : Nu 86,655.00
The contribution was handed over to the DEO at the morning assembly, where he shared his appreciation on the students’, staff’s, and the parents’ sense of spirituality and love for one’s country.

Counseling Session for Students who receive Special Education Services - 7th Nov 2012

A 2nd round of one hour counseling session for the students who receive Special Education services was conducted in the school on 7th November. The session was on Effective Exam Writing Tips and Exam Accommodation for these students. It was prepared and presented by the core SEN Team members.

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