From the Principal's desk

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mongar Lower Secondary School’s website. This website is launched on 2nd May 2012 as a part of “Sherig Century”, 100 years of modern education, celebration in our country. This electronic page of the school aims to communicate with the wider community. It also wants students, parents and community to see deeper into the functioning of the school by becoming the member of the wider network.

I wish this website in its true sense will keep us connected to communicate.

Mongar LSS in Top Ten

This school has been selected as one of the top ten schools under Primary PP-III category for the 2012 academic year. This recognition inspires the school to work towards finding a place in the top ten list for two categories, PP-III and IV-VI respectively for 2013 academic.

National Merit Award

Ms. Yeshey Choeki, a teacher in this school was one of the recipients of the prestigious National Order of Merit for Excellence in Teaching awarded on the 17th of December 2012. "It's a great honour to have received this prestigious award from His Majesty the King," said Yeshey Choeki. "I am very grateful to the principal, the DEO(Mongar), and the Education Ministry for having recognized my efforts and dedication. I am also grateful to all my students who have taught me a lot in life and inspired me to work harder. With recognition comes responsibility, and this recognition inspires me to commit myself all the more to the development of our children of all abilities and to serve my country in my own small ways."


Positive Parenting Week 8-13 April 2013

As an observance of 'Positive Parenting Month' in April, the school invited the parents to come to school and eat lunch together with their children from 9th to 13th April.

The main objective of this program is to make the parents realize the importance of spending their time with their child, especially when eating.

The school hopes to make the parents aware of the value of sharing a meal with their child and their role as parents in their child's overall growth and development.

The parents were invited for a short presentation on GNH values and the Nutritionist from the Hospital was invited to talk on diet and nutrition.

World Water Day

On 22nd March, the World Water Day was observed in the school on the theme "Save Water." The Health Coordinator made an awareness presentation on how to make tippy taps and hand washing, while the GNH Coordinator presented on water saving values and water cycle. The presentation was made in two groups, classes PP - 4 in the morning assembly and classes 5 - 8 after the school.

School Parenting Education and Awareness

The school organized an SPEA program for parents on 23rd March. The school invited all the parents of students living in town as they were the ones who would quite often land up in social problems. The following topics were discussed during the program:
  1. Media Literacy - awareness on what media literacy is and how parents can help their child make use of media properly, critically and safely.
  2. Dress Code - the importance of maintaining a proper dress code in the school and at home.
  3. Time Management - how parents can help their children to manage their time at home properly and usefully.
  4. Selection of Friends - the role of parents in guiding their children to choose good friends who will have positive influence on their children.
  5. Volunteerism - the school theme for 2013. What the school expects to develop in the students and how parents can help instill the sense of volunteerism in their children.
  6. ECCD - awareness on what is early childhood development and the importance of parents' involvement as well as the role of ECCD centers in the development of a young child.
A total of 120 parents attended this program, who expressed that they are now more aware of the roles they play in their child's development.

1st Student Conference & 1st Best Student selection, 2013

The 1st student conference for the academic year 2013 was conducted on 18th march. It was organized by Dhug house incharges and members, the House-on-Duty for that week and was attended by all the students of classes 7 and 8. The students brought forward the following issues and they came up with the solutions for each issue as well.

The 1st selection of Best Students of the month for year 2013 was conducted on 25th March by the HOD, Khorlo House. All the teachers and students of classes 4 to 8 voted for the best student at the end of the delivery of speech by each nominee. Out of the 17 nominees, one each from a class, Sangay Rinchen from class 6B, with the highest vote, was elected as the best student for the month of March.

Disaster Awareness and Mock Drill

The Disaster management team carried out an awareness program from 4th to 6th of March. The concerned coordinators made power point presentations on awareness of various disasters such as earthquake, landslide, fire, and windstorm; fire safety in structural and forest fire; the place to go and people to contact in the school for first aid services during such disasters; search and rescue team and people to contact in the school for missing students during such disasters; different exits and evacuation area for different classes. On the 7th march, a safety drill on earthquake was carried out where all children practiced and followed the safety measures and exits accordingly.

Guest Speaker on School Agriculture Gardening

On 2nd March, Mr Galey Tenzin, a consultant from Regional Agriculture Marketing Organization, Mongar, was invited to speak on School Agriculture gardening. He gave a power point presentation on Nursery Raising. He said that as he would be closely working with the school, he would provide the information and guidance as per the stages of the cultivation that the students would be doing practically in the field.

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