From the Principal's desk

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mongar Lower Secondary School’s website. This website is launched on 2nd May 2012 as a part of “Sherig Century”, 100 years of modern education, celebration in our country. This electronic page of the school aims to communicate with the wider community. It also wants students, parents and community to see deeper into the functioning of the school by becoming the member of the wider network.

I wish this website in its true sense will keep us connected to communicate.

Mongar LSS in Top Ten

This school has been selected as one of the top ten schools under Primary PP-III category for the 2012 academic year. This recognition inspires the school to work towards finding a place in the top ten list for two categories, PP-III and IV-VI respectively for 2013 academic.

National Merit Award

Ms. Yeshey Choeki, a teacher in this school was one of the recipients of the prestigious National Order of Merit for Excellence in Teaching awarded on the 17th of December 2012. "It's a great honour to have received this prestigious award from His Majesty the King," said Yeshey Choeki. "I am very grateful to the principal, the DEO(Mongar), and the Education Ministry for having recognized my efforts and dedication. I am also grateful to all my students who have taught me a lot in life and inspired me to work harder. With recognition comes responsibility, and this recognition inspires me to commit myself all the more to the development of our children of all abilities and to serve my country in my own small ways."


Fruitful summer holiday for young interested students of MLSS

Ho! Ha! Jumey! Was the Taekwondo 'The summer holiday was a blessing in disguise' said by some of the students of Mongar Lower Secondary school. The interested students were gathered in the auditorium for the Taekwondo skill practice. More than 50 students participated in this program. The main objectives of this program were; to keep the students engaged for productive activity, to impart the new self defensive skills, and more importantly to let them experience socializing skills. The Master, Chimi Tshewang said that he had a great time in being with young kids during this summer break. He added that it gave different forum and opportunity to experience many insights from youth which has really motivated him to accomplish successful completion of this program. He said that more than forty students will soon be upgraded to next belt.

Soccer was another option where many students rushed for.

Mr. Choki Wangdi, Assistant principal, of this school gathered an interested youth of age 9 to 13 for grassroot level soccer skill practice. Students took active part in developing their skills. A week long program has really kept students engaged. They practiced skills and simultaneously short matches were coordinated to exhibit their skills. This program was particularly focused for motivating youth to take up soccer as a part of their life for physical fitness. It also prepares them to be active in academics. Finally this program has made them realize importance of wholesome education. .

Water, Sanitation, & Environment

On 5th June, the school commemorated the World Environment Day. The program was graced by Dasho Dzongrab as the Chief Guest and other sector heads of the Dzongkhag.
There was a cultural program followed by a seminar presented by the students. There was an exhibition on GNH model school and the paintings and essays from the competitions. In order to include every student in this program, the following activities were carried out on the topic Water, Sanitation, & Environment: .

Positive Behaviour Award 2013

In order to instill positive behavior in children, this year the school decided to award prizes based on the positive and negative accounts in a student's behaviour record form which has been in use since 2012.
The award will be given once each term and for three categories, namely: class 7&8; classes 6, 5, &4; classes 2 &3.

Best Student for the Month of May 2013

The best student selection was conducted on the 27th of May. Out of the nominees from each section across classes 8 to 5, Sonam Pema Wangda from class 6C was elected as the best student for the month of May 2013..

Inter-house Dzongkha Extempore Speech

The annual inter-house extempore speech in Dzongkha was conducted on 23rd of May. Out of the eight participants, one each from the eight houses, Drami stood 1st; Sernya 2nd; and Khorlo, 3rd. The winning houses were awarded cash prizes.

The annual school marathon 2013

The annual school marathon was organised on 11th May. Our children ran for health and wellness. Dasho Dzongda highlighted the importance of exercising in creating a healthy lifestyle. The distance for the boys was 10.5 km and 8.5 km for the girls. Purna Bdr. Pradhan stood first, followed by Norbu Gyeltshen, and the third place was taken by Passang Dorji. In the girls category Kelzang Edon took stood first, Kinley Pem second and Pema Yangchen Dorji third. They were awarded cash prize respectively. The other runners who made up to the 10th position were awarded medals and the certificates. The overall house that stood first was Bumpa.

Best Student for the Month of April 2013

The selection of the best student for the month of April was conducted on 6th May.
Out of the nominees from classes 8 to 4, Yeshey Choden of class 8C with eleven votes was elected as the best student.

Dzongkha EVS Curriculum Orientation

The Principal Curriculum Officer, of Dzongkha EVS Mr. Wangda Dorji, from the Department of Research and Curriculum Development has visited the school on 1st May 2013. The teachers teaching EVS were oriented on the changes and the reviews made on the EVS text book which will be implemented from 2014 academic session. He presented on the three broad topics:
1. Curriculum framework
2. Learning skills and teaching aids
3. Assessment.
The session went on till lunch break and it was very enriching one.

Inter-House Cultural Competition 2013

The 2013 annual inter-house cultural competition was held on 3rd May. The eight houses presented three items each. There were cash prizes for the position holders. Sernya house took the 1st prize; Drami house, the 2nd prize; and Gyeltshen house, the 3rd prize. Dhug house got the prize for the best item. The rest of the houses were also given consolation prizes for their participation and effort.

1st Cleaning Campaign for 2013

The school carried out its 1st Cleaning Campaign for 2013 on 13th April. Each of the 8 houses cleaned up the assigned area. While their house banner unfurled with clear messages for keeping our environment clean as they moved over to the public ground at noon.
The Dasho Dzongrab along with a few officials from the dzongkhag assessed the clean-up work carried out and the result was declared with prizes The Drami, Khorlo, and Gyeltshen houses took the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes respectively. There was a consolation prize for the remaining 5 houses as well.

Dzongkha Story Telling Competition 28th March 2013

The Literary Club conducted the Dzongkha story telling Competition among the Eight Houses on 28th March, the Ist Literary competition for the year 2013.
All the participants narrated the best stories with good moral values. However, Bumpa House bagged the first position with 159 points out of 200 followed by Dhug House with 154 points. Drami House stood third with 152 points.
The cash prizes were awarded respectively to the winning houses.

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