Poll Day for Local Election

6th April, 2015 is declared as a Public Holiday in Mongar Gewog to enable the voters to vote in person.

Normal Summer Break for School

In supersession to the earlier Announcement of Ministration of Education, regarding the summer break for schools. The National Assembly election date is fixed on the 13th July, 2013. Therefore, the schools has to be followed the same normal Summer Break, that is from 1st to 15th July, 2013.

Summer Break for School

As per the Notification from the Director of Education, Mid-term break for 2013 will be from 20th June to 5th July 2013. In order to avoid disturbance to our school instructional hours and also be able to support the Election Commission in conducting the National Assembly election.

Holiday for NC Election

As the country is processing with the very important event, National Council Member Election, and the teachers are participating this event as election officers, the classes will be disturbed for couple of days.
Therefore, classes PP-II shal stay at home from 18th-24th April, 2013 and for classes III-VIII, from 22nd-24th April, 2013. However, all the staff and students should come for resumption of the normal school activities from 25th April 2013.

Tentative Schedule for 2013 beginning

 10th February, 2013			Sunday
11th -12th February, 2013 Losar Holiday
13th February, 2013 Reporting of teachers, Staff meeting, Preparation of SBIP
14th February, 2013 SBIP (day 1)
15th February, 2013 Reporting of students, Allocation of classes, SBIP (day 2)
16th February, 2013 SBIP (day 3)
18th – 20th February, 2013 Reforming of Houses, Election of class/House captains
Preparation of 5th King’s birthday
21st February, 2013 HM birthday Celebration
22nd-23rd February, 2013 Holiday
25th February, 2013, Admission (Transfer Case) Reporting of PP
26th -28th February, 2013 Issuing of text books
1st March, 2013 Academic session begin

PP Admission

The PP Admission form for the year 2013 is now available from 1st Nov 2012. You may collect from the office during office hours.

Declaration of Mid-Term Examination Results - 4th August 2012

Parent-Teacher Meeting on 1st August 2012

Dear Parents,
The school is conducting its annual Parent-Teacher Meeting cum result declaration for Lower Classes (Class PP – III) on Friday, 3rd of August at 9:00AM, and for Upper Classes (Class IV – VIII) on Saturday, 4th of August at 9:00 AM in the school premises. The school expects the presence of all the parents as to discuss and assimilate the needed information that would benefit your children.
Your presence will be highly appreciated.

Kinley Dorji

Program List for Parent-Teacher Meeting On 3rd & 4th August 2012
  1. Reporting of Parents 09.00 AM
  2. Declaration of Mid-Term Result 09.30 AM
  3. Parent-Teacher Meeting
    a)Welcome speech by Sonam Dorji 10.00 AM
    b)Brief School Report by Cheku Wangdi 10.15 AM
    c)SEN Program by Yeshi Choki 10.35 AM
    d)School Discipline by Neten Dema 10.50 AM
    e)Adaption of Policy by Karma Lhamo 11.10 AM
    f)Keeping Child Safety by Principal 11.30 AM
    g)Vote of Thanks by Yeshi Wangdi 11.45 AM

Tashi Deleg

Annual School Rimdro on 26th July 2012

Drolma Bum for the Annual School Rimdro on 27th July at the MP Hall. In the afternoon, Khoma Rinpoche will confer a blessing of the ‘Nangten’ (relic) from the Mongar Dzong.
Everyone is cordially invited for the same.

Mid-Term Examinations for 2012

Oral Examinations for classes PP to III is on 19th of June Mid-Term Written Examination for all classes commences from 21st June and ends on 28th June.
The Mid-Term break starts from 30th June to 15th of July. All the students are to report to school positively on 16th of July.

The Time-Table is as given below

Day/Date Class-IV Class-V Class-VI Class-VII Class-VIII
Thur-21st June(Morning) MathsMathsDzongkhaIDzongkha I Dzongkha I
Thur-21st June(Afternoon) ---Dzongkha II English II
Fri-22nd June(Morning) DzongkhaEnglishSocial StudiesGeography History
Sat-23rd June(Morning) ScienceSocial StudiesEnglishHistory Geography
Mon-25th June(Morning)EnglishDzongkhaMathsMaths Maths
Tue-26th June(Morning) Social StudiesScienceScienceScience English I
Wed-27th June(Morning) ---English I Dzongkha II
Thur-28th June(Morning) ---English II Science

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